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Frequently asked Questions

Q1. What does your full professional service include?

Answer: We are not solely a rental agency.
Following your completion of the ‘landlord registration form’ we endeavor:

  • To find a suitable property for you,
  • Negotiate offer and sale with an Estate Agent
  • Provide a reputable solicitor
  • Liaise on your behalf with financial services for the most competitive mortgage
  • Furnish and prepare the property for rental
  • Advertise in local press and on the Internet for tenants
  • Interview tenants and sign Tenancy Agreements
  • Collect rent on a monthly basis
  • Ongoing management of property

Q2. What about buildings and contents insurance?

As owner of the rental property, it is your responsibility to arrange building and contents insurance.

Q3. How can I be assured of getting the most competitive mortgage?

We are not financial advisers under the Financial Services legislation. However we will endeavor to arrange competitive mortgage finance with a reputable firm on your behalf subject to your status. Of course you shall be free to attend an independent financial adviser and obtain mortgage facilities in this way.

Q4. How much hassle can I expect?

You can expect the minimum amount of involvement in this project. However if you wish to liaise with us at any stage in this process, your contribution would be most welcome.

Q5. How can I be assured of getting a reputable solicitor at a reasonable price?

We will arrange for a reputable firm of Solicitors to carry out the conveyancing transaction on your behalf. We will liaise with them during the purchase transaction and accompany you to the meeting. However you will be entitled to choose your own firm of solicitors if you wish.


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