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What we will charge you.

For property management, rent collection and arranging maintenance we charge 10% of the monthly rental income plus the first month's rent (excluding VAT) due when property is rented.

For our full professional service
we locate the property, guide you through the purchase, present the property and find suitable tenants. Charges for this unique service will vary depending on property. E.g. State of repair, size etc… Please use our registration form for more details.

We will present the property in a way that is attractive to potential tenants. The full professional service provided includes:

  • having the property professionally cleaned
  • having decoration upgraded or redone in full where necessary
  • furnishing the property in a way which is conducive to safe, comfortable living for your tenants
  • agreeing on the rent chargeable to tenants and reviewing it on an annual basis
  • arranging for the work to be carried out if repair or structural work is required
  • arranging any ongoing maintenance regarding the property to include the plumbing, electrical repairs and any other• necessary refurbishment or maintenance


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