Just Move In – The Bi-Weekly Payment Calculator


Bi-Weekly Mortgage Calculator
Many landlords find that a monthly mortgage payment, coinciding with their rental collection, is the easiest way to service the mortgage. However, by splitting your payments into a bi-weekly schedule, you could find yourself paying of the whole mortgage a lot quicker! This is particularly suitable for people who are paid weekly or bi-weekly. Use our simple bi weekly mortgage calculator to check it out for yourself.
Enter the principal balance of your mortgage
(call your mortgage lender and ask for the current payoff amount):
Enter the amount of your monthly mortgage payment:
(principal and interest portion only):
Enter the your mortgage's current interest rate:
This is how much interest you will pay under your current monthly payment plan:
This is how much interest you will pay if you switch to a bi-weekly mortgage payment plan:
Bi-weekly Mortgage Interest Savings:
This bi weekly calculator has been designed purely as a guide and cannot be guaranteed.


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