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What we do

In order to succeed in rental property investment, there must be an increase in your investment’s equity and appreciation. This increase is achieved by good management practice. This is where Just Move In, moves in. If land lording was easy and took no time everyone would be doing it. By placing your investment in our hands, you will have trouble-free management.

Just Move In offers you:
• 12 years well-practiced experience in ownership and management of rental properties.
• A keen eye for a good investment in a sought after location at a competitive price.
• Expertise in the presentation of your property to potential tenants.
• A win-win situation by taking pride in preparing your property which will, in turn, encourage your tenants to take pride in their new home.
• The elimination of problems before they arise by good management practice.

Our Service Includes:
• Selection of investment property.
• Negotiation with estate agent regarding offer and sale, subject to contract.
• Arrangement of and on-going liasing with solicitor.
• Arrangement of and on-going liasing with financial services institutions
• Preparing property for tenants by tasteful re-decorating, making good any repairs and presenting a liveable, clean, safe home by paying attention to detail.
• Advertising via local media and the internet to find a suitable tenant.
• Referencing and interviewing of tenants.
• Tenancy Agreement.
• Monthly rent collection and regular reviews.
• Full management.

Just Move In endeavours to make your landlording experience a trouble-free, advantageous and rewarding one. Use our registration form to avail of our services now or fill in our simple feedback form and we will get back to you.



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